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Connect: Resound has been pioneering online music education and experiences for over seven years. Our focus has been on providing practical support and training to help Hubs, schools and arts organisations explore ways of making the transition to online provision for some of their activities.

During this time we have built up a library of resources focused on different aspects on making music online. With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions accelerating interest in this area of practice, we responded with additional CPD webinars and training. This content is available to download or watch at any time.

  • Connect: Resound CPD Webinars: watch here
  • Connect: Resound CPD Written Resources, Presentation Slides & Webinars: find here

Interface Response
In addition, we are working with UCanPlay and Musicians Union on the Interface Response project which provides on demand training modules as well as access to mentoring support.

Most musicians have a portfolio career, with rehearsing, performing and teaching activities forming key parts of their working lives. The Internet offers opportunities for you to relocate your work in each activity and monetise this appropriately. Interface:Response is here to help you develop your digital skills and provide you with ongoing support to assist you as required.

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